29 September 2010

The Cytolisation process revealed by Floradream International.

The inventor Lars Sellegard born 1941 in Malmo Sweden. His dream was to be able to keep flowers and plants inside his home, without constantly having to purchase new flower arrangements every week to keep a homely atmosphere.

In the summer of 1985 he started off to experiment on young green plants to see if he could stop the decomposing of chlorophyll when exposed to sun light in the presence of oxygen. Keeping in mind that he needed to also resolved the dilemma with the water loss through the cell walls.

He had some early success when he started to replaced the water in the cells with glycerol which is very water soluble but with a great difference in molecular size. This molecular size difference was a key factory to keep the plants from drying out and keeping the plants soft.

With the acceptance of glycerol in the plants he found out he could at the same time replace the sensitive chlorophyll with different chemically modified chlorophylls dissolved in glycerol.

After years of experimenting with different environments and non-toxic catalysts Mr Lars Sellegard patented his first world wide process in the beginning of the 90s. Calling this revolutionary plant process “Cytolisation” this name was derived from the changing of the cytoplasma.

The inventor now lives in the South of France with the registered mother company Floradream SARL based in Cannes, France.

More information about this unique cytolisation process and current activities around Floradream SARL can be found on the updated web page: www.floradream.com