Do you want to be a partner in our new world-wide project?

The cytolysed rose!

What is a cytolysed rose? It is a treated real rose, which after the treatment still looks alive for several years (yes years - not days), without any water or maintenance. We can of course do lots of other flowers and plants the same way!

We are creating with interested local business people new production and/or sales companies in every country. If you have already a distribution network in the major cities of your country, we would be very interested to have you or your company as an important shareholder in this new company. You can be involved alone or with a group of people in you area.

In America:

We want to create two to three factories in USA. One on the East Coast i.e. South/North Carolina and one on the West Coast i.e. California and one in Texas. We also intend to have two factories in Canada, one in British Colombia and one in Quebec. If you already have a network or like to create one in any of the States of America or Canada, now is your opportunity to be involved, likewise in Central and South America.

In Asia:

We have opened our South East Asia factory in Indonesia for Australia and New Zealand and the ASEAN countries Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. If you have an activity in any of these countries you are welcome to contact us. Sales and/or production companies will be developed in every country in Asia, where we are in discussions with several interested business partners, but we always welcome creative companies and business people in all the regions.